SIAL-Paris Innovation Award 2020 für KOKOJOO

At SIAL 2020 Paris, one of the world’s largest trade fairs for the food industry, KOKOJOO was presented with the SIAL Innovation STARTUP Award 2020 for the drinks kōkōjoo original & kōkōjoo caffeine. This special award category   was given out for the first time in a virtual ceremony due to the pandemic.

The selection committee provided the following statement for its decision:

«A non-alcoholic beverage that makes use of a cacao by-product, the cocoa bean shell. A delicious taste and a nutriment-rich product that makes use of residue left over from chocolate manufacturing. An admirable example of circular economy and the combat against food waste »

We are very happy to receive this award and would like to thank SIAL 2020, all partners as well as supporters and fans who have supported us thus far.

More info under the official press release of SIAL PARIS:

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